Our Core Business

we optimize your solution to maximum, with an undying passion to deliver

Application Development

seasoned team of full-stack developers

  • Experienced front- & backend developers
  • Languages: Javascript, Python, PHP, etc.
  • Databases: Postgres, Oracle, MySQL, etc.
  • Experts in penetration (security) testing

Web Design & Development

latest web-dev-technologies at our finger tips

  • Web Development Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, etc.
  • CMS with Databases: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, etc.

Building Online Shops

let your customers place orders, while you sleep

  • We build database-driven webshops
  • We configure emails on your phone
  • You get customers' orders immediately
  • An online shop is a 24/7 open outlet

Point of Sale (POS) Software

follow your minute-by-minute sales in real-time

  • A real-time POS is a third eye in retail
  • Monitor sales from any location globally
  • Generate reports and know what to stock
  • Get critical stock-levels' notifications

More coming soon...

Data Recovery

we have tools for, and expertise in data recovery

  • Your data is inaccessible, lost, or deleted?
  • It was on your hard-drive, USB stick, etc.?
  • Talk to us, we shall analyze the drive first
  • We then agree and recover data at a fee
More coming soon...

Network Design & Engineering

each component is a facet of the entire ecosystem

  • Designing & building scalable networks
  • We prioritize robust security measures
  • We recommend appropriate redundancy
  • Quality of Service; essential apps only

More coming soon...