How We Do What We Do

clients' wishes differ, but our standard operating procedures are constant

1. Client Describes Needs

The client details the desired outcomes, and any specific constraints or preferences they may have. We capture as much information as possible and may revert back to the client in order to streamline our understanding of the client's needs. We do not proceed until we have a concise understanding of what is needed.

2. Our Technical Team Gets to Work

After thoroughly analyzing the client's requirements, we delve into exploring potential solutions to address the identified needs. This take into account, technical feasibility, scalability, and resource constraints. Subsequently, we meticulously eliminate any obstacles and refine the most suitable solution.

3. We Present Proposal to Client

Following the identification of the most suitable solution, we present this to the client, initiating a comprehensive discussion. This exchange allows for a thorough review, enabling both parties to refine and validate the proposed solution further. Through active engagement and dialogue, final adjustments are made.

4. Finalising Contractual Agreement

Once the final discussions have concluded, the next step involves drafting a contract. This contract serves to formalize the agreement and ensure that all terms, including project scope, deliverables, timelines, and payment details, are accurately documented and agreed upon by both the client and ourselves.

5. We Build the Solution

After signing the contractual agreement, the development process commences, adhering to the terms of reference outlined in the contract. The development team may integrate additional improvements or modifications that arise during the development lifecycle, ensuring the solution remains dynamic and robust.

6. We Deliver and Deploy

Once the development and testing phases are completed, we deliver and deploy the solution. After deployment, we conduct procedural acceptance sign offs in line with the client's expectations. Subsequently, we initiate the support phase during which our team provides the required assistance.